Norwich Castle Museum

External trail leading to Norwich Castle Museum’s entrance, inspired by the collections inside the Museum. The 11 stones were selected for their affinity with the architecture. There are 4 Purbeck Feather stones in the flint wall, 2 York stones in the pavement, 2 York risers in the stairs, 1 Portland stone in the wall before the lift, a Purbeck Pon Freestone in the lift enclosure and a riven York stone at the museum entrance.    1991

The texts are by various authors.


Working on the designs in the Amersham studio.                                                                               Below: 500mm x 370mm Purbeck Feather inserted into the flint wall. Text from “Sunrise” by Lanier, low relief boat based on the St. Nicholas Seal.                                     © photographs Martin Figura

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